HELP! Can someone help me code a prop?

I am new to writing and I am learning how to code by watching A LOT of YouTube tutorials and reading on Episode forums, but there’s only so much that there is. I am having issues with coding something, and I can’t seem to figure it out. In the beginning of the scene the soccer ball is on the ground. My characters are having a conversation and then after I want my character to pick up the soccer ball and to kick it with the animation “kick_crotch_give”, but I have no idea how to code that. Can someone help me out? Please and thank you!!! <3

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I could help you out, with step by step with the code. if u want i’ll pm you.

Lol my comment had nothing to do with what I had posted haha, but maybe this video can help you, it is just for you to take an example in the overlays.

Yes please!!

I watched that video already and I still can’t figure out how to code what I’m trying to do. Thank you though!


Thank you!

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Hi there, has someone helped you or you still need help?

Hi!! I have been helped my @GloomySquid. Thank you though!!

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opps typo by*

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