Help can someone help me with this error

I dont get how I can fix this I have tried everything!!!

Move NARRATOR over until the blue color appear.

Put sound underneath the background name if you want it there or you can add @pause for a beat under sound.

I dont get it can u plz show me?

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um it didnt work

do u think you can show me an example

can you copy and paste your script in the chat. @HayaSiam

To copy and paste your script if did not know.


Go to the very beginning of your script, put your mouse at the first line where the background name is, then drag it down to the last line, the whole script should be highlighted. Then right click, then copy, then right click again in the chat, to paste it.

It should be:
sound alarmclock_beep

This _ instead of this -

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ok let me try this

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omg you are a life saver thank you so much :grin::grin::heart:

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No problem :blush::heart:

is the rest of the script code is all good to go? Meaning no errors. Everything is good.


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