Help can someone make me a cover?’

Can some one create me an episode cover !!?

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I’d love to help! Do you need examples? If not, just send the details! :heart:

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Thanks so much do u want my email address or my sc name ?

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?? Which would u rather thanks again

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I’m so sorry that this is late, but if it’s okay, could we just PM through here?

Yeah sure

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I really need an episode story cover help !

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I can :grin:

@EpisodeCreativity or @BlueMoonWolf would be able to help you


Great do u want my email or sc

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I can too

Tysm! I can! Need examples?

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Thanks do u have snapchat or whats ur email

Episode harmony can

Yes please can I have your email

Thanks so much check out my story Mafia lovers by Mia

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Em you are in @EpisodeCreativity goofball

What are the details

Do you have sc or an email