HELP: Can someone please explain Book Clubs

I’ve been looking at the book club section forever, unsure of how it works… so I checked the forums, yet I cannot for the life of me find anyone explaining exactly what this is, how it works, or what you have to do etc… obviously I know it’ll involve reading through stories lol but I need the deets :eyes: lol

I found the post from Tory asking people for feedback on the feature… and then community posts asking people to join/promoting their book clubs etc… but no one actually explaining it :confused: I thought I’d find an admin post of the introduction/explanation of book clubs, but I couldn’t find one :grimacing:

Maybe the fact that I’ve never pressed on one…? But I was too afraid going in not knowing how it worked (lol) also the mass amount of ones that came up on the first page that were titled “Don’t Join!” …. :pleading_face: …but now I see a lot more invitingly named clubs and they actually have like 22-24/25 members… whereas I used to see only 1-3/25 members when it was the scary/angry names lol

Anyways! I’d appreciate it if anyone could give me an explanation of how the Book Clubs work so I can make a decision on if I want to try clicking on one lol :blob_hearts:

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Book clubs is where you select a book that you want you and the people in your book club to read you can collect diamonds shards and passes its pretty simple it lasts for four days but all of you have to complete it I currently have one its called Paradisefalls and I also have a discord if you’d like to join


Oh okay so that’s what I was wondering… so you do have to be reading the same thing and you have four days to complete…what exactly? The whole story? Or…? Just to clarify…

Book clubs are…well, book clubs. There’s a club leader (the person who created the book club), and then there are members. You can also have Club Officers (appointed by Club Leader), who can remove inactive members and also select stories for the club to read.

By default, the Club Leader is to select a story that the whole group will read (They can discuss it before the selection because there’s a section for chatting, so it’s like a joint decision). The story can only be selected before every challenge starts, so if you forget to select a story, you’ll have to wait until the next challenge.

After the challenge begins, everyone can begin to earn points. For every chapter of the selected story you read, you get 2 points. And for every chapter you read of any other episode story, you get 1 point. Every member’s points combined make the book club points, and there’s rewards for every milestone. The reward bar looks something like this:

When the club has 50 points, the first reward is unlocked, so in the image above, 100 shards is the first reward so every member gets that. Next is 100 points…every member gets 250 shards. And so on. The highest number of points is 1750 so if a club is able to reach there, or higher, they have unlocked all the rewards.

After the challenge ends, there’s time to select another story before the next challenge begins and points are reset. The rewards go back to normal as well.

I have a book club, and it’s called BOOKTROVERTS. We haven’t really started because I think I’m waiting for more people to join, as the last set of people were inactive and I hated the fact that I was carrying the club and they were recieving the rewards too.


Thank you that was a really good explanation :slight_smile:

So from what you said I’m assuming this is for reading episode original stories? Like not community stories correct? Now that you said challenges for rewards (which I had heard of more recently in my forums searches lol) it makes sense/seems obvious that it would be… but I just want to make sure I understand lmao

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You can read any story at all. It’s not limited to originals.

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Oh okay cool. I wasn’t sure when I was looking at them/never really ran into posts mentioning what they were reading.
Okay cool. I’m currently on an “only episode original stories speed read for gems kick” lol. For my last month’s VIP subscription I did Amethyst which is for all stories, then the next month I had already planned on switching it up to Sapphire for the extra gems lol. So now I just read community stories when the gumball machine gives me a free hour pass lol

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You have to complete the whole story I think everyone has to complete it

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In four days?! Lol I mean so they can’t be long stories lmao… I mean @louisewrites mentioned challenges… so I was thinking it would be like read this many chapters… yada yada…

Like not that I can’t finish an episode story in four days… cause these days they’re only like 8-15 episodes… most are 13-15… but community stories can be long… with maybe some contest entries only being four episodes long… but depending on the individual episode lengths and the amount of episodes the story has… that sounds like at four days a challenge, it could be well…challenging lol

Heyyaa! You don’t have to complete the story lol. Wherever you stopped when the challenge ends is where you stopped. You might be in Chapter 6 and some members in lower or higher chapters.


Oh okay okay lol yeah that makes more sense

I’m assuming you’re trying to keep the same pace as all the members so you’re all at the same place then. I mean that’s how the OG in person with a book one’s went lol

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That’s why I always select community stories for challenges, so that we’re not limited. Because imagine if I chose an episode original with 10 episodes, meaning that if everyone completes the book, we have 500 points, and we’ll have to start reeading stories of our choice to increase our points (which will be slower since random stories give you 1 point per episode)

I’m trying to build the club back, because the last time we had a proper conversation was loong ago (before I kicked everyone and decided to start again)

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I’m not sure if I’m not reading this right… but I read it a few times and I’m like waaaaaaaa lol I think it’s cause I’ve never been in one or experimented at all with one to have any real idea how it works with my own eyes :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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I’m not like…very strict in my club, and there’s no defined set of rules. I’m not gonna be like “we can never miss a challenge…we must always get full points” and all that, but it just got frustrating talking to myself. At least tell me what story you would like us to read. lol.

But I’m happy with the ones I have now, though we aren’t complete yet.


Im not really strict with mine too I barely got anyone on mine like 5 people and I need more Im down and we spin the wheel on discord with the genere (theme) and then the person who gets chosen everyone will have their chance to choose a story we dont really have to be active but when it finishes we gotta be like “congrats everyone!”


Hahaha yeah I can imagine lol

Yep, defo don’t have to complete the story my bookclub is nearly full I haven’t been able to get on my book club for months since May… no one is really participating, my club isn’t really strict but everyone has to be active and participate in the challenges… you can’t really get the feel of what a book club is really like unless you’re in one, good thing is you can search for book clubs now…

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Yep, I’ve had that problem prior to not being able to get onto my book club :sweat_smile: I hate talking to myself at least let me know the story you want for the next challenge :joy: everyone in my club has to at least be active and participate when I can get back on I’ll be removing inactive members, but otherwise not too strict :sweat_smile: