Help! can somone do a template for me off a person lying above another


I’ve made a scene of 2 people running and they both fall and one falls on top of the other. right now the person on the bottom is facing up but the person on the top is also facing up but i want person 2 to be facing the floor. so they are like looking at the person on the bottom.



I can make one give me a sec


thank you so much :slight_smile:


Are the facing right or left while running? Do you want them looking at each other?


one facing right and one left. please xx


@CHARACTER1 is lay_awake_loop
&CHARACTER1 faces left
&CHARACTER1 spot 1.250 -117 128
&CHARACTER2 is sleep_uncomfortable_awake
&CHARACTER2 spot 1.250 -182 151
&CHARACTER2 faces right


thank you so much.


wait sorry is it possile to make them face each other?


They are facing each other once you put the script in :grin:


ok thank you