Help, cannot log onto portal!

Hi, is anyone else getting this error when logging into the portal? I was literally just working on a chapter, logged off and now it won’t let me log back in. I’ve tried it on my computer, my phone, used chrome, edge, safari, it will not let me log on! :sob: :sob: :sob:

I keep getting this error message:

Error: Server Error

The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.


Hey serval other people are getting this error . I personally haven’t gotten it but I can definitely try it right now….

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thank you!

is it still working for you?

Ok so here’s the thing- I exited outta that tab and entered the website back in and it was fine . I then decided to go further and log out and that’s when it gave me a error….

( @Beach.xo.Babe , @Lillylite , @eunoiaa )

I’m about 99% sure this is episodes servers error since it’s affecting all 4 of us . Idk how long it’s gonna be down for but I’d suggest sending a ticket from when it start for you personally . I am gonna check a few things tho and ask some other people if it works for them .

I’m gonna wait till tmr morning to check it again tho sometimes it can take 15 mins other times it can take 5 hrs we just don’t know . Kinda wish tho when a outage happens like this we could go somewhere and get a estimate when it’s gonna be back up .


Don’t mean to spam or anything but I just was able to log in without getting the error . Not sure if it will work for y’all or not .

Hey can u pm me the link too?

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