HELP can't change my profile avatar?!


So, I made my profile a I a long time ago, and can’t change it? Help…?


So you click your profile picture thennn it’ll show your user name
Example mine is Arianna_Tatum then it’ll show (on the same first bar) three icons 1, bookmark 2,messages 3,Preferences you click the third one aka Preference thennnn you scroll down a little and it’ll show your current name,profile picture, and email. and in black bold letters on the left side it shows that you’re on account so you click PROFLIE right below it and that will let you change things about you,web site info, back ground photo (your pokemon) and your date of birth :slight_smile: idek if this is what you meant or i just did all of this for nothing but if i helped thenn yay


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When I’m writing my story, it shows a character I made way back a few months ago. Trying to change that.Capture


You would need to change it in the episode app I believe


yeah the app
and its not ink anymore lol