Help! Can't get past the loading screen

Hi, so I recently decided to redownload the app but when I opened it and it said time out, so I decided maybe it because of connection, nope all good. Then I thought maybe because not enough storage, nope. But then the message change to connection error but my internet is good though. Any ideas of how to fix this

Are you using public wifi? Or data?
If no to both, try to delete & re-install it again.

Maybe you have an outdated device that cannot be updated?

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I have the same issue as yours!!My app loads slowly until the end! But then it jeeps loading! So I have to do flight mode! Then when it gets the “connection error” message I turn it off again! But when I open it…it keeps loading! I can’t do anything…it only worked once! And I mean once!!! But then doesn’t wanna work again…I really need help