Help! Can't preview my story on app!


Doesn’t work :sob: :cry:


still shows the same errors?


@Dara.Amarie (dont know if she may respond or not…)

help us out guys.


Read this:


let’s see of this will work. :thinking:


I’ll try it now


I don’t get it


i think you have to choose a link for the limelight section. :thinking:


Your gotos don’t match the labels
label mouthColor_2
But you have gotos for mouth_2
label mouthMakeup0
But you have gotos for mouthColor_0?

I’m not sure if that’s the issue but I’m guessing your gotos and labels are not matching. You can DM me your script so I’ll have a look and fix it later


OK, I see what you’re trying to do!
OK, I’ll go step by step.
Do you want her lip shape changed or only the lip color?


If it’s only the lip color you want changed (and you want to use hairstyle as well as hair color, here you go, changes that need to be made):

label makeover_girl

MADDIE (talk_think_neutral)
Time for hair and makeup.

goto mouthColor_0
goto hair_0
goto DONE

label mouthColor_0

What color lips would you like?

goto mouthNatural0
}”Bright Colored”{
goto mouthMakeup0
}”Dark Colored”{
goto mouthMakeupDark0
}”This looks good!”{
goto avatar_1

Bla bla bla…

}”Change lip shape”{
goto mouth_2

From your template.

At the end of the lips colors template write:

label avatar_1

Are you satisfied with this?

goto makeover_girl
goto mouthColor_0

And then for the hairstyle template:

Change this part:

}”Looks good!”{
goto avatar_1

So, instead of avatar_1 write avatar_2 for all the options in the hairstyle and hair color template only.

And then at the end of the hair template, write:

label avatar_2

Are you satisfied with this?

goto makeover_girl
goto hair_0

And then at the end of both templates write:

label DONE

Are you sure you’re done?

goto continue_story
goto makeover_girl

label continue_story

Continue storyline here.

And yep. BTW I’m assuming you want only hair color, lip color and hairstyle. Also I’m assuming you never used these labels/gotos in another part of your episode ^^



It said this


You have missed " in the 15th line, It should be “Done” @MadisonWritess

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