Help change to day please!

Could anyone change this to day time would be amazing.

Could somebody change this to night time, please.

are they royalty free?

They should be.

omg where’d u get the backgrounds? thank uu🤍

Found them on Pinterest. That’s where I find most of my backgrounds.

then its not royalty free. pinterest is not a royalty free website. it just pins stuff from other places.


I find the person whom made them honey, so thank you for your concern.

even if you credit them it still does not give you permission to use it.

lets take it like this if I find a picture of you online. and then put it in my book and write its a picture of you like give credit to you. then even if I said it its not me, its you I would still have stolen your picture.

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Even if u do find the person who either upload it, it’s still a copyright background and u need permission to use. Do u see episode backgrounds on there that are edited, yes? But don’t know who edited the background, and you’re going to have problems to try find the person and to credit them. This is why we don’t take backgrounds from Pinterest.

Take @line123462 advice.

Pinterest is not a royalty free site, it’s a copyrighted site with a lot of anime backgrounds, all art works, etc. It’s a copyrighted site.

Use Public Domains sites like to get free backgrounds and overlays, search on public domain sites on goggle there should be couple that you could use.

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here is another good example. this picture right here is on pinterest its made by NaikoruJ. but I own the blue dress, so you could credit NaikoruJ if used. but you would be stealing it from me.

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If you need backgrounds, we have awesome community members who makes them, check out this thread. U can also check on:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: