Help changing outfit [LIMELIGHT]

Hello, I’m a new author. I’m facing problems with changing an outfit. It’s a Victorian Long Sleeve Button Up Dress. But after saving an error occurs that this outfit doesn’t exist. I didn’t miss spell it. Please help me.

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Here’s how to change outfits:

@YOU changes into OUTFIT_NAME

You need to create an outfit first, save it, then write it into your script.

I’d recommend watching this:

That dress is already available for all stories @JemU776

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I think she means you need to create an ensemble or outfit and save it. Then you go to script and insert

@NAME changes into Outfit_Name

If there are still problems send a screenshot of your script.

Yeah, that’s what I mean :slightly_smiling_face:
The video will show her instructions on how to do that.

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Thank you. The error solved

yeah that happened to me too , you just need to refresh the page

if you need any outfits ideas i would be happy to help :

Emilia’s outfits shop for limelight and ink