Help! Character cut off?


Hey, guys!

So, I’m needing some help… In my story, I have one of my main characters laying on the floor. Okay, so here’s the issue: I am having trouble showing the full screen of where it shows his whole body on the floor… It only shows the first half of him, his legs are cut off lol… I am not sure how to fix this, but I’m not liking it hehe… Any help would be appreciated(:slight_smile:
Thanks a million!! :)))


You will probably need to move where he is and resize him.
@CHARACTER spot % x y
Let me know if this helps or if you need more clarification :slight_smile:


Haha I do think that’s the issue! I just don’t really understand how to resize him :slight_smile:


You can either preview the story on your computer or on your phone. There should be tabs on the top right and click on Directing Help. Then down on the lower right you will see tabs pop up. Click on Spot Helper. Make sure your character has a dashed line around him (if he doesn’t click change character on the lower left) and then on the lower left you can switch between moving and resizing. Then at the bottom of the screen you will see his position.


This is from my computer


Omg, thank you soo much!! I got it! You are awesome!! :slight_smile: Really appreciate that!!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


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