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Hey guys I’m writing a new episode. I need to change one of my characters’ name for one episode. How can I change the name or don’t show the name at all? Hope you can understand what I’m trying to say.

You could duplicate your existing character.

You could create a new character with the other name, spot direct the character off screen and spot direct that character’s speech bubble.

Example scene
[YOUR CHARACTER] @CHARACTER spot 0.955 85 112 in zone 1 at layer #
[CHARACTER WITH NEW NAME] @NEWNAME spot 0.955 -150 112 in zone 1 (or put them in a different zone)

@speechbubble is 163 410 to 100% (this is just an example)
This is the dialogue.
@speechbubble reset

To remove the NEWNAME character from the scene, use @remove NEWNAME.

To not show a name at all you could use the narrator bubble.

This is the dialogue.

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Oh… Thank you so much…
But what if I don’t want to show the character’s name on talking speechbubble?
I’ve seen it on other’s stories. They didn’t use narrator bubble.

Hehe… Thank you :sweat_smile:

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You’d still have to create a new character (so option one or option two) and leave the display name of the character empty.

Thank you so much

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