Help - Character Name Customization


Ok so I’m sorry to waste your time but I’m creating a new story and I need a little help with writing the script,
I know it is possible to let the user name the main character of the story (the person you’re playing as) but I have read a few stories where you can name other characters when you’re playing the game for example, you have just named yourself and now you can name “your crush” or whatever. Does anyone know how to do that? I’m sorry if this makes no sense lmao7
(btw i’m using INK)


Hey you have to use the donacode like this-

input What’s your crush’s name?|What’s your crush’s name|Done(CRUSHNAME)

And when you have to mention the crush name in a dialogue write it like this-

Hey [CRUSHNAME], What are you doing??


Do this:
Name a guy “CRUSH”

Then in the script write:

So, let’s say a person named the character William.

It would look like this:

Hey William, What are you doing??

Also, on top of that naming the guy CRUSH (the script name as well as the display name would be crush), his name would appear on top of the speechbubble, saying WILLIAM instead of CRUSH.


I’m writing a story where there is customised name. However, the option for name customisation doesn’t appear in the preview. Any help?


Hi, if you test on mobile, the name you picked for a character appears but if you test on preview, on internet, the name will not appear and you do not have the option to name them. You might see Auto Bot. Hopefully this helped.


Oh, thanks. Yes that helped a lot. I was wondering what happened. Why the auto bot thing though?