HELP! Character placing

So I’m writing my first story and I’m trying to simply place my characters onscreen - two characters facing each other, but it’s so hard! I can’t see what I’m doing like on the mobile app and when I go to the script help for tips on positioning the characters it’s like doing a maths problem! Help!

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@AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE faces left

@ChayChay faces right

Thanks for the reply, I know how to do faces left and right but the script is saying they need be positioned like X & Y and at a certain value? It’s very confusing

Spot directing?

You don’t need to do that

Maybe you spelled it wrong

On the desktop version when your writing there’s a web previewer, When you press save and preview, it should open and on the side it would say “Spot Helper”. Once you put your characters into the position you want you’ll see copy and add it to your script. I’ll add screenshots.

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I love your character

Or use spot directing. Here’s a guide on spot directing:

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