HELP! Character pops in when panning to another zone

When I pan a zone to another area. my characters who have been spot directed appear to pop out of nowhere of which they were not to do that. What could be the problem? and how to solve it

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Hi! Maybe I can help. Can you send me your script which has the error. It’s easier to see the mistake from the script.

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Okay let me do that

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When i pan to zone 2 the xtras pop in the zone…they arent exactly there when you pan

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its because you spot them after the pan. Spot them before and they will be aleeady there when you pan

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Thanks…Let me try that… :smiley: :smiley:

also does it while is used in combination with command “walks to” If you want character to make animation simply use “is”
@CHAR is animation AND CHAR faces left

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It has worked…Thanks…Also thanks for the tip… :heart: :heart:

another thing

you first spot the characters but then you use command “entres from” this is basic command and it will reset the spot directing you did before… basicly the simple directing always resets the characters back to the defoult height and layers.

So if you use spotdirecting you should use spotdirecting also for entering and exiting the characters.:wink:

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I was wondering why they were not going to their right sizes. This is a life saver…I appreciate this… :heart: :heart:

use commamd
CHAR walks to spot xxx

do not use exits and enters if you spot direct.

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Could you please give an example of this? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Because the format that they are entering the club is different…not what i intended for them to do

If you want them enter using spotdirecting

First spot them by using spotdirecting ofscreen on side from which you want them to enter

Tand fid the stot you want them to walk to and use command I mentioned above.

It will look sometnig like this:

@CHAR spot # # # in zone # ( the ofscreen position)
@CHAR walks to spot # # # in zone # in # ( the spot you want him walk to)

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