HELP! Characters needed for future story

If you have seen my earlier posts, you would know I’m thinking of writing a story about an Asian(Taiwanese) main character named Aina Yang.
I thought it would be cool to have you guys help me come up with some characters. But I was hoping the characters would be a bit more diverse

Epi Style: Limelight

best friends(male or Female) {closed}- @natashaa @episode.mistletoe @HaAnh
English Literature teacher {closed} -@Superpup
Drama and Music teacher {closed} - @EtherealWitch (Drama) @LynnAnn (Music)
Other teachers {4} -@Ayu @mt.episode @Lakshmi21Gowda
Mean girls/boys {closed}- @rainxroses @SofiaxD @Episode.Golden
the friendly classmates {closed} - @Ayu @kiera2728
Boba(bubble tea) shop owner {closed}- @Ayu
shop staff {4] - @Episode.Golden @K-santa
Extras (may get a few lines )- @Ayu x2 @pupplegum @Episode.Golden


Character Details:
Full name: (first and last name)
Clothing style:
How to credit:

This is a lot to ask but thank you to anyone who is willing to help me.
the story description is here


Character Details:

Full name: Chloe Davis
Personality: stubborn but kind, likes to help others
Clothing style: Casual, neutral colors
Role: Drama and Music teacher, but anything is good!
Ethnicity: south European
How to credit: @aite.writes on ig, but it’s not necessary!

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if you’re looking for another asian character, here’s the korean MC to my upcoming story :))

Name: Chung-Hwa
Personality: Mature, the ‘mom’ of any friend group
Clothing Style: Mix of bohemian and basic
Role: best friends/drama and music teacher
Ethnicity: Half Korean, half European
How to credit: @misotasha.episode on instagram

Can’t wait to read your story! :star_struck: :heart:

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details and clothing

personality: bold, outgoing, logical
role: can she be the best friend?
credit: @episode.mistletoe on Instagram :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hey! you can use my character if you want! here’s my form:


she is fierce, sassy, cold and quite mean. but she’s just hiding behind her shell! she’s very sweet and kind once you get to know her. she’s a best friend material!

her outfits should scream “I’m a bad bitch” lol.

she should play the mean girl (if it’s still available).

Sapphire is half Italian, and half American!

the credit is not needed, but you can use my instagram name: @liaxrosie :heart:

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Character Details:
HAIR: Straight Medium, Brunette Brown
SKIN TONE: Gold 03
EYES: Deepset Downturned Wide, Hazel
FACE: Triangle Defined
LIPS: Full Round Flat Top Skin, Rose Matte
NOSE: Defined Natural
BODY: Female Soft

Full name: Carmen Sanchez
Personality: Hot and cold, super loyal and comical on accident but has a bad taste on boys. MC may have to give her wakeup calls and convince her not to date this guy once in a while.
Clothing style: Casual, somewhat stylish, NO tight dresses or anything please
Role: Best Friend
Ethnicity: Mexican American
How to credit: On Episode: Key Episode, Instagram
BTW, send me the story link when it’s out! Would love to read it! @Jessica.C

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Hi this is Sofia:


Character form
  • Name: Sofia Bulgarelli(I know it’s strange as a last name, it’s cause I’m Italian haha)
  • Personality: Mean, Hot, Badass, Full of confidence, likes to party and popular.
  • Clothing style: provocative, really hot(every guy/girl is looking), tight clothes.
    Role: Mean girl:)
  • Ethnicity: Italian
  • How to credit: @SofiaxD i don’t have an ig:)
    And another thing:
    She is bisexual, so if she has a boyfriend/girlfriend I don’t mind:))
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Full name: Ayame Misumi
Personality: Outgoing, smart, fun, kind, caring and enjoy teasing people
Role: boba owner
Ethnicity: Japanese


Full name: Kai Park
Personality: Easygoing, funny, fun, cool, helpful, and charming
Role: English teacher
Ethnicity: Korean

Full name: Yuna Leung
Personality: Bossy, sassy rude, bad@ss, fighter, and overprotective
Role: extra
Ethnicity: Half Chinese and half Japanese


Full name: Haru Lee
Personality: Unfriendly, quiet, loner, blunt, listener, give an advice, and he can be nice if no one annoy him
Role: teacher
Ethnicity: Chinese

Full name: Sakura Fuji
Personality: Cheerful, cute, innocent, two faced, gets attention, flirty, and seduce
Role: staff
Ethnicity: Japanese



Full name: Naoki Chen
Personality: Calm, awkward, shy, serious, helpful, play sports, and enjoy cooking
Role: friendly classmates
Ethnicity: Half Chinese and half Korean
How to credit: @Ayu or Ayu-chan

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Character Details:




Full name: (first and last name)
Olivia Clarke
Blair Faust
Olivia: Rude,Sassy,Badass
Olivia doesn’t care about other people’s feelings she’ll break them without thinking twice
Blair: Shy as heck,Friendly as hell,Forgiving,smart.
Blair cares about people’s feelings, even if they break hers she’ll forgive, her social anxiety is super severe though, she struggles to make new friends.
Clothing style:
Cute And innocent
Sassy And badass.
Olivia can be a mean girl I guess if not then anything
Blair could be the Best friend if not then u choose
Blair: an American I guess lol
Olivia: a Frenchmen
How to credit:
Just say @Episode.Golden

Tell me when ur story is out pls :pleading_face:

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Here are my character details (Hint: an Asian character here! :wave:)

Short - Lynn
Long - Lynn Ann Kingston

Personality : Witty, Introvert, Stubborn, Loyal, Punctual, all-rounded

Clothing style: as mention in character card. Feel free to tweak the outfits, as long her spectacles remain

Role: music teacher please! :joy:

Ethnicity: Malaysian Indian with ambiguous ethnicity

Credit: @LynnAnn on Episode Forums

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Another asian character!

Character Details:

Body: Female Body (neutral 03)
Brow: Round Medium (Black Dark)
Hair: Wavy Long (Black Dark)
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Smiling (Brown Black)
Face: Straight Narrow
Lips: Medium Heart (Rose Light Nude Gloss)

Crop Turtleneck Cotton Grey Cool
Plaid Belted Pants Cotton Red Plum Rose
Long Stockings Canvas Shoes Cotton Rainbow
Ribbed Beanie Striped Cashmere Grey Black
Hoop Earring Large Metal Silver

Full name: (first and last name) Naphas Panprae (Sky) I’d prefer to be called Sky since it’s shorter :joy: also she’s trans and prefer to be called she/her
Personality: thoughtful, overthinking, can be playful sometimes, ambivert tends to be more extrovert
Clothing style: street-ish, stylish, nothing gaudy
Role: She can play any roles except teacher and student!
Ethnicity: thai
How to credit: my instagram @epi.puppgum

Tell me when your story’s out, I want to read it :eyes:

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I just made a dude, so here he is :slight_smile:

Character Details:


Full name: (first and last name)
I can’t think of a last name for him lol so just Leo
A flirt,classic Play Boy,thinks every girl wants him,very cocky.
Clothing style:
Mostly the Bad Boy style But you can give him a Play Boy style too
How to credit:

(Sorry if I haven’t given enough details, I just made him like 5 mins ago lol)

Full name: Mia Brooks

Personality: Nice, creative, loves writing and reading

Clothing style: casual

Role: English Literature teacher or a best friend or an extra

Ethnicity: French American (her mom was French and her dad is American)

How to credit: On Episode: Superpup


always up to be in whatever haha

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ohhh I was wondering if I could be the best friend I am pretty neat and nerdy haha and also the name for the MC is castilaw rosewood

and do whatever outfit you want girl have fun with mine

:pleading_face: Thank you imma cry, send me the link when it’s out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Character Details:
Female generic body
Eyebrow-: Arched natural
Hair-: punk pixie colour black
Eyes-: female generic colour hazel dark
Nose-: Grecian soft
Lips-: full heart pouty colour red deep matte
Face-: heart soft

Full name: Lakshmi Gowda
Personality: shy and protective of her friends
Clothing style: as a teacher
Role: English literature teacher
Ethnicity: Half Indian and Half Spanish
How to credit: Instagram @lakshmi_epi_writes

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okay, I will

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