HELP! Characters needed for future story

Would it be okay if I put her as a friendly classmate?

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That spot is taken, what other role would you like?


You could choose between being a shop stuff, a teacher or an extra

haha alright I would that haha thank you

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Character Details:

Full name: (first and last name)
Cris Terriquez
She’s very athletic, she cares abt people, she overprotects the people that she cares abt, she’s funny and someone cool to talk to.
Other teachers
How to credit: on IG

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character details:

full name: Kim Jinwoo
nickname (if you need it): Jin
personality: smart, funny, optimistic, always positive/bright
clothing style: casual, yet fashionable
role: any role is fine
ethnicity: Eurasian (mostly Korean and French)
credit: my IG handle @jinwoo_stans_jimin

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Do you still need characters

yes, but roles available is only shop staffs, teacher or extras

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Oh ok well here’s my character form anything is good, honestly.
Character Details:

Full name: Akeelah Brown

Personality: Likes to seem badass, but is actually a nice person inside and likes to help whenever possible, is also very funny and sarcastic.

Clothing style: Badass, Sexy and Vintage

Role: Any

Ethnicity: African American

How to credit: use my username, Decemberlove.

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