HELP! Characters not showing up!


Hey. I’m Winter.

I’m not getting any errors in my script but my characters are not showing up on screen. When they speak, they pop up but in odd places. The story is in Ink if that helps.

Here’s the script:

And this is what it looks like on the app:

Somebody help me!
@Apes? @RudeInception? @Dara.Amarie?

Winter xx


Try exiting and getting into the story again, it’s usually an app glitch


I’ve tried that, but thanks.


Hey Winter,
@ALYSON spot 1.280 108 60 in zone 1 AND GRAYSON spot…
instead of & and see if it works


Hey. Tried it just now and it didn’t work. :frowning:


Okay Try this,
@ALYSON spot …
&GRAYSON spot…


Is it a limelight story or an ink story?

I know there is a glitch with limelight stories that makes characters disappear. If it is a LL story:

Exit the story and click on an INK story then return to yours. This makes them appear.

If yours in INK then it might be best to submit a ticket.


It’s INK.


This did help me solve it, thanks.


SOLVED!! I feel stupid now lol. :joy:

I missed out a word I think. :joy:


@Ryan @Jeremy Can you close this please? My problem was solved. :wink: