Help! choice not shown!


Hello! I’m writing a story and when I changed some of the bubbles’ spots, my choice isn’t shown even though I didn’t even change it’s place or something.
Just the text I wrote “It is and important choice. Choose WISELY” is shown and actually it is not a complex choice.


You mean the choices get cut off on the screen or that you aren’t seeing the choices at all?


That’s weird. Could you post a screenshot of your script?



You only have one choice option, where is the second choice?


even if I click the screen, it’s not shown


Ok , try adding dialogue after the 2nd choice option and see if it works.


but before editing speech bubbles, it was shown and there wasn’t even dialogue


Try adding @speechbubble reset before the narrator dialogue thats before the choice. Or try testing this out in the app to see if it works there.


is there a script error on the screen? its probably just a glitch on your web previewer just see if it works on your mobile device


oh, when I checked the phone, it was okay but this time the speech bubbles I didn’t even edit’s places are changed…


make sure when you’re done with a speech bubble during a certain scene you type @SPEECHBUBBLERESET so it goes back to its original location, if you don’t do that whatever spot you set your speech bubble at will remain there unless you reset it.


oh really? Where should I write it to?


maybe line 255


thank you! it worked out!


thank you! it worked out!!


No problem!