Help! choice not shown!

Hello! I’m writing a story and when I changed some of the bubbles’ spots, my choice isn’t shown even though I didn’t even change it’s place or something.
Just the text I wrote “It is and important choice. Choose WISELY” is shown and actually it is not a complex choice.

You mean the choices get cut off on the screen or that you aren’t seeing the choices at all?

That’s weird. Could you post a screenshot of your script?

even if I click the screen, it’s not shown

but before editing speech bubbles, it was shown and there wasn’t even dialogue

Try adding @speechbubble reset before the narrator dialogue thats before the choice. Or try testing this out in the app to see if it works there.

oh, when I checked the phone, it was okay but this time the speech bubbles I didn’t even edit’s places are changed…

oh really? Where should I write it to?

thank you! it worked out!

thank you! it worked out!!