Help! Choices must follow a dialog not a branch


Can somebody help me with this?


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Try moving the reader message before the dialogue.


Try using this one I made for you

“Let Him Be”{

        BABY (idle_awkward_scratch_loop)

(I shouldn’t interfere with his business.)

} “Lend Him A Hand”{

@BABY exits let

Put the rest of thing in here



This error means that the order for your choice is incorrect. You always need to start off a choice with a narrator or speechbubble with a question or a statement etc, THEN on the next line of the script follow it up with the word choice Prefereably on its own or - if you use the bracket system for references - the name of that choice sequence within brackets.

If you want a redermessage, input it right before the choice question, and it will play at the same time as the question pops up. As it works the same way as a & sign and has no time before going over in the ext line of script.

readerMessage Pick wisely.
Baby (think_rubchin)
(Maybe, I should help him?)
choice (helping_hand)
"Let him be."{

"Lend him a hand."{