Help choosing name for story!

Hey guys I’m writing a story and about 1 episode in I feel like the name is a bit too cliche. The name I originally named my story was “The Riverside Mystery” and I just don’t like it anymore. Just a quick heads up Riverside is the town the events in my story are taking place in. I will include my story description here and I would appreciate if you could help me choose a name. Here are the details:
Story Description: Avery is a girl with amazing friends, a caring family, looks, money you name it she’s got everything. But what happens when a particular Tuesday changes everything and nothings the same ever again. Threatening messages, missing people and many suspects. So, who can you really trust? *Character Customization
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Hi, I’m really bad at coming up with story titles, but could it be just ‘Riverside’? Or maybe the title could have something to do with that Tuesday that changes everything :thinking:

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Thanks for the suggestion.

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Maybe just Tuesday

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Hmm I’ll think about it. But thanks.

What kind of town is it? Southern, east coast, midwest etc?

Is it riverside because that’s where there’s a murder? It reminds me of ‘Riverdale’ a Netflix series. Not a bad name, maybe call it something like Injustice, Betrayal or maybe a rhetorical question like Why me?

Maybe Facade, Trusting Game or Life in hell? LOL the last one is a little harsh.

I love all the name suggestions but I already had the covers made so I guess I’m stuck with this name for a bit.

Tuesday’s Revenge.

Update - opps. I didn’t see the comment before mines.

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: