Help! (Clothing choices)


So, how can i get the same clothes choice in the next episode?
When i have a clothing game and choose one option, it goes to default in the next episode.

You would have to use gains or the if/else method.

if (OUTFIT_1 is “Option 1”) {

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit1

} elif (OUTFIT_1 is “Option 2”) {

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit2

} else {

@CHARACTER changes into Outfit3


But if you put a character in an outfit they should still have it in the next episode. Unless you changed it.

Do i put it in the next episode or the current one?

You put it in the next one.

Thank you!

I will try that

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This happens if you preview on the portal. All characters will switch to their default outfits in the next episode. Characters will stay in their chosen outfits until it is changed again in the script.

Sorry to just hop on the thread and comment lol.
So basically you don’t need to worry about adding in any sort of template or coding because the previous episode choice, made by the reader, remains the same in future episodes unless changed by me in the script?

For outfits yes, they will not change for the reader unless you have coded it in your script :blush:

And hair styles/lip colour. All will stay the same until changed.

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