Help coding a scene

Is there anyone that wants to help me with adding characters to this script. I’ll definitely co-credit. But damn, creating a crowd is a Bitcsha.

If so please make it look orderly like how I started.Don’t mind the character changes, leave them random. They wont be the same either way.

Anyway, here’s what I started…

If anyone wants to use the script just like this though please credit me @GoldenWaves



Heya there, if you want them to appear at the same time and make it look natural; you should use & for the spot placements :slight_smile:

I got that down pack, I just need someone to add more naturally placed characters. Not just throw a crowd of people on top of each other or whatever.

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Oh i got it’s about spots. Tell you what, i can work on it first thing tomorrow it’s 2 am in here now :slight_smile: Can you wait untill then?

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