Help Coding Ghost Characters

Hi guys!!
So I’m coding a scene for my story and I’m trying to fade characters out of the scene by turning them into “ghosts”.

The bottom two characters are the ones I’m trying to fade out and are at layer 1, the overlay is set at layer 2, and the top four characters at layer 3.

I’m not sure where to add the top four’s layers into the script because when I’ve added them above or below the bottom two’s layers they change and appear above the bottom two’s characters before the bottom two fade out. Like this :arrow_down:

Please help :sweat_smile:.


Check out @Dara.Amarie her website has the way to do it.
If I remember correctly it has to do with the opacity of the background and the characters.

Also them appearing differently first might have to do with the & command. Or at layer vs Moves to layer

It’s actually opacity of the overlay, not bg :3 you have to upload the background you’re using as an overlay, play with opacity of it and of course, put characters behind the overlay on the right layers. That makes them “faded”.
But this guide definitely tells you step-by-step what you have to do :smiley:

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Needs to be the background in there aswell as the overlay. Use minus layers if u need so overlay at 3, girls at 4, men at 2. If u spot directed them make sure u havent changed the layers.

I think my issue could be that the forward characters are fading out, unlike in dara’s tutorial where It’s the behind character.

I’ve done the opacity and layered the characters correctly, I’m just unsure on how to code it so the top four characters don’t move above the fading ones when changing layers.