Help! Coding of CC got mixed with another one

In the same chapter, there are like 4 characters customization, but there’s one that doesn´t fuction, I want to change something of Character B like the hair but I change character A’s hair, how do I resolve this? I don’t know if the multiple character customization affect this or what, please help!

Probably, if the customization after that works to CharacterB, then you just changed the wrong character hair, for example, used
}“Blond” {
@Character A changes hairColor into Blond
instead of
}“Blond” {
@Character B changes hairColor into Blond
However, if you try customize other character features after that and it still changes CharacterA look and the previous coding is right, then you probably meesed up with goto code, for example
}“Cayenne Brown” {
@CHARACTERB changes hairColor into Cayenne
goto CHARACTERA (so that way it goes to Character A template)

The labels/goto’s for the second customization probably weren’t changed, in which case they are the same labels from the first customization, so if you tap on those options it will take you back to the first character being customized.

Try using these:
Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)


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