Help Coding Please

hey! my name is Taylor, and I need some help coding a story. I am new here and this is kind of my first story. so like pls!


me too here

The All Directing Commands on the side of the portal is a great place to start. Episode’s guides do a good job explaining all of the codes you can use and what they do.

If you have questions about certain things, the link below has a lot of great resources such as how-to guides and several help threads like my own.


the coding part is so confusing as fuck. i am so confused and i’ve been getting error too. like…:disappointed:

me too. I mean the errors are pretty helpful at times though.

tysm :slight_smile:

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yeah true

what is the code for iris?

@transition iris in/out color #

@transition iris in black 2
@transition iris out white 5