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Hi! So I have this scene where the MC is talking to herself. I want the camera to zoom in on her scar. But I want her to be touching her head, which (react_facepalm_disappointed) has but only at the end of the animation.

So I moved MC out of frame so she could do the animation and had her pop back into place so we could only see her touching her scar. I created (BLACKBARS) to accentuate this even more.

The problem Im having is - everything works fine, but there’s a solid second where she’s just completely out of scene doing the animation before popping back into place again. Is there a way to make this zoom in and action happen sooner/faster/cleaner?

Other than the weird pause, it looks great. Let me know if I need to elaborate more.

NOTE: The player gets to choose (PLAYER)s appearance. Is there a way to make a copy of the player created MC? Because I can just use a stand-in, right?

sound scary_swell
volume sound 10 0

@transition fade out black in 0.1

@overlay BLACKBARS create AND overlay BLACKBARS opacity 1
@overlay BLACKBARS shifts to 21 233 in zone 1
@overlay BLACKBARS scales to 0.910 0.910

&zoom on 168 428 to 1014% in 0 AND PLAYER spot 1.280 147 -53 in zone 1 AND PLAYER is react_facepalm_disappointed

@pause for a beat

@transition fade in white in 0.2

@PLAYER spot 1.280 148 14 in zone 1

For this question, you’d do @DUPE becomes PLAYER

I believe the weird pause is as a result of your ordering of the commands, try this instead:

&PLAYER spot 1.280 148 14 in zone 1
@transition fade in white in 0.2

Just tried it and it’s the same, I will try your other suggestion now though. I think having a stand in would be the best option here.

So I think I’ve gotten it to work, but a question about @DUPE becomes PLAYER:

Will I need to change this back somehow? (@ PLAYER becomes PLAYER)?

I don’t understand the question? The original character doesn’t change, only DUPE.

Ahh got ya, and tested it just to be sure haha I’ve gotten everything to work with your help.

For clarification:
(I was asking if using this command, it would permanently make the DUPE the main character somehow - and if I would have to change the MC back to PLAYER.)

Yes, DUPE would be the main character permanently unless you either changed them back manually using @CHAR changes feature into feature, or by using the becomes command again and creating a duplicate of the duplicate (but I think that’s a waste of time, because you created the character to be a duplicate in the first place, lol)

In general though, the becomes command can’t be reset if that’s what you’re asking, but those are the ways around it up there ^

Could you explain the @CHAR changes feature into feature a little more? This is the first time I’ve seen this command.

Side note: I’ve never done any coding before so thank you for helping so much.

Would doing it this way work?

It’s just one way of saying, for example, @CHAR changes eyes into Monolid Slender. I just edited it to say feature so you got the gist of it, lol.

That’s something different from what you’re wanting to do right now. You’re asking if you can revert the DUPE back to its original form, in which case the simple answer is yes, but there are other ways you have to go around doing it which are stated here:

Hi guys! I’m a beginner in coding on episode, but I have stumbled into a problem. Its saying that I’ve got a scene/character change, I’m not sure how to fix it because I’ve only been doing episode less than 24 hours.
Everything was working fine before I added more description to the story?
@HAZEL (react_sit_confused) (pause for a beat)
@HAZEL (talk_sit_sheepish) His name was Grayson, I admit he was a jock. But I’m not even interested with relationships. After what he did to me.
“He cheated on me with Mrs Hunter” {

“He cheated on me with Jennifer at the Youth Camp” {


@HAZEL is react_sit_confused

@pause for a beat

    HAZEL (talk_sit_sheepish)

His name was Grayson, I admit he was a jock. But I’m not even interested with relationships. After what he did to me.

Try formatting it like this

thanks :slight_smile:

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