Help! Complicated Choice remembering


Hey so in my story I have the hairstyle of one character’s depend on another. But! I have to have the second character change hair styles for a bit, but then I want them to go back to the hair style they had before that previously depended on the readers choice for the other character.

What I essentially have now that’s not working:
Choice (hair_page1)
“123” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 123
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 345
“456” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 456
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 123
“789” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 789
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 123
Choice (hair_page2)
“321” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 321
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 345
“654” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 654
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 123
“987” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 987
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 123
“012” {
@CHARACTER changes hair into 012
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 345

Then in another episode I have
If (hair_page1 is “123”) {
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 345
} else {
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 123
If (hair_page2 is “321”) {
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 345
} elif (hair_page2 is “012”) {
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 345
} else {
@CHARACTER2 changes hair into 123

I’ve seen writers do similar choice referencing before but mines is a bit more complex than the examples I saw. I was wondering if anyone can help me out??


You will have to add gains and then use if/elif/else.


But the thing is the whole point of using this method is to not use gains because the reader can easily choose one hairnstyle and “gain” that hair style but then end up choosing another hair style and “gain” that one as well.


You can you this method only if the choice is in the same episode as your if/elif/else. But you require gains to use it in other episodes.


Okay that makes sense. Though if i had it in the same episode would it work the way i have it formatted?

Also, just to be clear, is there no way to have it remember choices from another episodes without gains or points?


If it is in the same episode it will work. If you want to confirm if your coding is correct, Tara Star has an article on it.

And for multiple episodes you will have to use gains or points. There is no other way.


There is a YouTube tutorial on how to do the remembering choices. Visit Joseph Evans channel and you should find it. Also the episode docs really help too.


Have you thought about creating a third character with the different hairstyle? A “twin” for CHARACTER2 but just with different hair? It could be easier?

Otherwise, you will need to use gains if it’s going to be in a different episode and the only way to really do that is by making the reader confirm the hairstyle with a yes/no (so that they don’t collect all the gains).


I agree. Adding so many gains is hard to manage.


Yeah I’ve thought about it, I just really wanted this to work :sob:


Does your code look exactly like that or is just a “summary” of it?


This is just the basic format of it, I didn’t want to publish spoilers incase ppl are reading my story


Do you have goto’s inside each choice option that leads back to the hair choice?


Another easy way to change hair but without another character is to use:

@CHARACTER changes hair into Beach Wave (for example)

This also works with hair color, skin color, face shape etc.


I know that but the OP was looking for a way to remember these choices. I use twins when I need one version of a character to look almost the same as the MC but have a couple slightly different features (like hairstyles). I personally find it easier than adding gains for every single hairstyle.


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