Help Convince Me

Okay. So this is very simple. I don’t know what to do. So I will turn to the community to convince me on which I should do. I will display the problems I have with each side and what I like about each side. So, shall we begin?

For my story about school girl drama, should I use Limelight or Ink?

Now for my pros and cons

Limelight Pros:

  • Smooth faces and bodies
  • A more comfortable and varied color palette for all avatar features (Eyes, hair, skin, etc.)
  • Cat ears! (Like, headband cat ears)

Limelight Cons:

  • Not as much clothing (I know they’ll be updating the library, but I’m sort of impatient and want to write my story now… T^T)
  • Not that much choices of noses, eye brows, and eye shapes
  • Not that many hoodies…
  • No socks (Like socks on it’s own that you can combine with the shoes that are available)
  • No swimming animation

Ink Pros:

  • More clothing choices
  • More favorable animations
  • More choices for avatar customizing (Eyes shapes, noses, eye brows)

Ink Cons:

  • The bodies and faces make me cringe slightly (No offense)
  • Not much color choices when customizing characters (Eyes, hair, skin)
  • Inconsistent art styles (Limelight art styles on Ink art style. I’m not a fan of it)
  • Not as much school outfits
  • Not that much props
  • I hate the male design (Sorry, I just do)

There are probably a million other things I can hate on or love deeply about the two art styles (Casually ignores Classic), but this is all I can think of as of now. Now! Convince me which art style I should use! Should I suck up how much I hate the faces in Ink and use it more to get used to it or do I slap myself in the face and tell myself to be patient and wait for Limelight?


I think you should use Limelight, just because it’s the newest and better looking in my opinion. There are tons of great clothing and customization options, even if there’s not as many as Ink. There will be updates, you’ll just have to be patient, but when I’m reading, I prefer Limelight personally, but it’s completely up to you!


I like limelight a lot more, but if you need animation, I suggest ink. I like ink because it has a lot of animations,which is one of most important parts for me. But if you hate it that much, then use limelight.


Yeah but ink has swimming, like you said, and it has the fall animation I really like that you can use for emotionaly broken character. Then there are lots of kneel animations and then drums animation. It also has good reach animation.

Why not do both? An ink and limelight version? :sunglasses:

ink has less customization options

plus ll is new so you should go w ll

I’m personally an ink fan, but I like limelight too. People made some good points of why to use limelight. Here’s my point on why to use ink: Since it’s been out longer you’re more familiar with it- yes- you’ll have to “substitute” things, but that’s kinda what I like about the style. They have really funny facial expressions if you wait to the end of an animation that you can zoom up on. Yes limelight has more animations, but there are a LOT, so there are a lot to preview- but with ink, if you’ve been on here long enough you know a lot of the animations. Ok, I’m not really making good points am I? The only reason i’d use LL is for the animations. I feel like I can’t use most of the limelight clothes, because in that area- like in Ink- I feel like you have to substitute a lot with the clothes. I just honestly don’t like most of LL- so I probably am not the right person to convince you :sweat_smile:

Right now I’m all about ink. They need to fix a number of things in LL before I think it is preferable to Ink.