HELP: Cover For Story

Hello Episode Community! I am currently in the process of writing an LGBTQ2+ story! I was just wondering if anyone would be kind enough to create some cover art for me? If you want a general vibe of the story, here it is:
Title: Luna
Description Just To Kind Of Get Into The Vibe Of The Cover: Bayou, a bisexual mother of a beautiful son, struggles to protect him from an abusive relationship she’s in. When Luna suddenly appears in Bayou’s life, what will happen? Love?
Genre: Romance

If you are interested in making the cover for me, please pm me! Thank you so much for even considering making this cover for me.


I would love to help you if you still need help!! :grin:

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Yes I do! Thank you so much! Can I pm you the details?

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Bish bishhh bish we are right here we can do it LOL

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Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you.

Actually, my art group, Episode Diamonds just offered to do it, thank you for the offer though! :slight_smile:

Of course

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