HELP ~Covers for my story needed! CLOSED



Hey, my name is Jess and I have written a new story that is getting some attention and I have decided to try and make a large and small art cover for my story… however I suck and need help! If anyone is interested let me know! I would obviously give you credit in my story!
Title: What Did I Do
Author: Miss. JD
Large Cover - cutout is fine with a couple characters
Small cover - would prefer is drawn, but I am open for anything. Would be just two characters on the small cover!
For more information just comment below!


I believe this should be in the art section babe


Sorry about that I thought I put that label on it!


Do you want a cover done.


Yes I do!


What kind of cover do you want


I can make your edit


Do you do cut and paste or drawn covers? I would like both a small and large cover for my story


I cut and paste sometimes do drawed


@leslie.giselle04 on Instagram and I have examples on Instagram but I can show you some examples here if you need me to


Thank you so much, someone pm me and offered to try and help me out! If they don’t come through I will definitely hit you up! Thanks!