Help create overlays please

No problem, just know for the future that Pinterest and Google searches made without using the “tools” to select Creative Commons or CC free options are ALL unusable --even if you’ve seen someone else’s story that uses them – sometimes they slip through but that’s no reason to use them for yourself. :slight_smile:

Some good places here in the forums:
My Drive: Episode Overlays, Free Use! - Google Drive
( I took all the Episode BGs that are pretty but unusable because of objects and furniture and made overlays for them. They’re sorted into folders and named the same as their Portal Catalog names :smiley: )



(linked her 2nd post that has the link to her drive. :slight_smile: You should still check out the thread though. )


(they have two lol)
Sharing threads:

(don’t bother with the link in the first thread, whoever created it never added more than a couple bgs/artist info so I would just skip that and go through the thread itself. :slight_smile: )

Make sure that you read their (the artist threads) rules to know how to credit them. Also, on the “sharing threads”, read through the comments too because people link their drives as well as give how they want credit (for those who didn’t add it when they uploaded their art.)

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