Help creating a choice

Hey can someone create my a hairstyle choice with the following hairstyles please so that they can choose wether to have it or to go back & try another (I’m very useless/lazy when it comes to choices :cry: lol )

Bouffant Long Wavy
Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
Long Feathered
Long Straight Loose Solid
Long Wavy Blowout
Updo Pony Wavy Long
Side Swept Updo Long
Long Loose Curls
Long High Ponytail
Long Double Dutch Braids


I’d suggest using Dara Amarie’s template for hair and then taking out the ones you don’t want! :grin:

Thank you hun! I’ll take a look now xx

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label hair
What hairstyle should I have?
“Bouffant Long Wavy” {
@CHAR1 changes hair into Bouffant Long Wavy
} “Long Down Wavy Princess Braid” {
@CHAR1 changes hair into Long Down Wavy Princess Braid
} “Long feathered” {
@CHAR1 changes hair into Long Feathered

Basically that but you will have to copy and paste it a few times to get all the hair choices.

Is this okay?
“No, I made a mistake!” {
redo hair
} “Yes it’s fine” {

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Yes thank you :heart_eyes:

I’ll credit you at the end of every episode what would you like me to credit you as ? xx

reviews_epyyy (it’s my insta)
Thanks for the credit! :grin:

Thank you hun! xx

My story is CONTAGION so I’ll credit you at the end of every episode x

Thanks! I’ll read it, it’s published, right?

Shoot, sorry I gave you my wrong insta - it’s jess.epyyy - sorry again :confused:

Haha no worries I’ll change it now & the first 3 episodes are done, I’m currently rewriting 4 and onwards x

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