HELP: Creating a mini game 🤦🏾‍♂️

Hey, so I was wondering if anyone could help me. Sorry if this sounds confusing but in my story the mc is basically at this beach party and has to choose all the LI the routes before the story moves on. For example there’s 4 love interests and let’s say the reader chooses to “ go swimming with LI #1” for example, after this scene is done. They’ll have a choice of doing the other 3 routes excluding the route they just took, if that makes sense. I’m so sorry if this is confusing to anyone and I’d really appreciate the help, thank you.

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For that you could use the enable/disable choice options. You should also count how many options have already been chosen, with the character points. Here’s how I’d do it:

label what_do
if (MC < 4){ #----applies when the reader hasn't chosen all 4 things yet
What do you want to do?
"Go swimming with LI 1" if (NOT swim_li_1){ #---not visible if already chosen
gain swim_li_1 #---remember the choice to eliminate it next time around
@MC +1 #-----counter 
goto swim_li_1 #---go to your label that includes this event
}"Have lunch with LI 2" if (NOT lunch_li_2){
gain lunch_li_2
@MC +1
goto lunch_li_3
}"Movies with LI 3" if (NOT movies_li_3){
gain movies_li_3
@MC +1
goto movies_li_3
}"Dance with LI 4" if (NOT dance_li_4){
gain dance_li_4
@MC +1
goto dance_li_4
}else goto after_dates #---applies when reader did all 4 things

label swim_li_1
#first date here
goto what_do #----go back to choice after this date

label lunch_li_2
#second date here
goto what_do

label lunch_li_3
#third date here
goto what_do

label dance_li_4
#fourth date here
goto what_do

label after_dates
#the story continues

I hope I made it clear with the comments :sweat_smile: Let me know if you need more help.

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Dara Amarie has a guide, plus a template for Eliminating choice options once they have been clicked.

Scroll down to Eliminating/Disappearing Choices

The template has space for 4 choice options, along with the gotos for those options, and you mentioned 4 love interests so that’s very convenient. You can add more to it if there are more than 4 though.

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Thank you so much for all of your help, you’re a lifesaver!!!:blush:

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Thank you so much, this is very helpful as well!!!

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