Help Creating a Tappable Minigame

Hi! I was looking for some help creating a tappable minigame, but I’m still new to exploring overlays after all this time and have no idea how minigames work!

I’ll draw it out if it helps anybody figure out what I mean, but what I’ve had in mind is that one character throws something at the MC, and they have to hit/break it with a baseball bat in a certain timeframe. Can tappable overlays move? How would I be able to start making this?

Thanks in advance!

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here you have an example of a tappable minigame - it might help you to understand them

And to your question yes tappable overlays can move they are no different from normal overlays they just react on tapp due to the command.

To make what you describe… I would probably use invisible tappable overlay which will appear above the bat overlay only for the short time when reader should make the right tapp.

It depends on the scene itself how exactly you imagine it there are for sure more ways how to do it.

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Hey I can just pm me

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