Help creating png!

Hi! So I have some messages I would like to make png, to make as an overlay for my story, and I was wondering if someone could help me? Here are the images.

All I would like is just the text, no white. If that is possible for someone to help me out with. That would be very much appreciated!

Did you create these in Phonto? If so, you could add a transparent background and add text on top of it and then save it as a PNG. :relaxed:

I did not create them in Phonto.

but i’ll try that out and see if it works! thank you :slight_smile:

No problem, lmk if you need any help with the app!

So I saw that you can’t just use it from a website you actually have to download it and I have no more storage on my laptop. Is it still possible if u could help ??

Sure! I think I already have fonts installed that are similar to the bottom ones but I’m not sure about the top one, do you know what that font is called? And you’re certain you want them all in black?

Thank you and what do u think would look better? Black or white?Also for the top one, I had the font Aladin, with a white outline and some shadowing around the text. If that is to much for you to do that is completely understandable hahah. All I would rly like is for the first two words “That One” to stand out and then “Spring Break” to still be very noticeable but more of a simple fancier type. I hope that all makes sense :joy:

That’s easy peasy, don’t worry about that. :joy::ok_hand:t2:

It depends on the color scheme of the scene that you plan to use them in / background you want them on so that they’re more visible. Is the scene/background relatively dark or light?

I can also give the Spring Break texts some black shadows if they’re white or white shadows if the texts are black? Although white on black shadows seems to be the most readable in Phonto. And you still want “Spring” and “Break” to be separate overlays or joined as one “Spring Break”?

I plan on using them in a more lighter background so I think black would be best to go with. Yes, the “spring break” I would like to be separate thank you. Also, you don’t need to shadow or outline the “spring break” :joy:. I do appreciate the suggestion though. Thank you for helping ahaha.

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Honestly tho i rly don’t know. Just do whatever you think would look best! :joy:

Fitting with the description.

Here are the PNGs, I tried to make them as close to your pics as possible although with the Aladin font, I couldn’t seem to find an italic version to download. 🥲
“That One” has a black shadow as well, it’s just hard to see if you’re using dark mode like I am. 🤷😂

If they’re not downloading as PNGs, lmk and I’ll upload them to a drive and then give you the link.

ahhh thank you so much ! I will definitely lyk, thank you! Would you like me to credit you at all??

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You’re very welcome! I don’t require any credit since it was pretty simple, quick and straightforward but thanks for asking. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Okay and yeah of course ! Have a good day/night!

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I will, Happy New Year btw. :confetti_ball: