HELP: Creating Twins with same clothes after choosing outfit

Hi all,

I’m wanting to make my character have a reflection in the mirror, but I’m not sure how to create a twin with the same clothes that my reader has chosen?

For example, character goes to party, chooses outfit for party, goes to bathroom later on (after outfit has been chosen) with reflection. I’ve found info on how to get the twin but it doesn’t mention outfits.

Can anyone advise on this or is it just not possible?



This makes the twin “become” the main character and change them into the same outfit the main character is currently wearing.

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Ok so rather than @TWIN becomes CHARACTERNAME, type main character instead? How does the episode know which character is my main character?

Right now I have @JASMINETWIN becomes JASMINE
Will this still work?

Thanks so much for replying! Your twin template is what I have been going off from your website :grin:

Yep! You use Jasmine. Ms. Amarie used MAIN CHARACTER because she didn’t know what your main character’s name was.

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Ohhh, ok! Thanks for clarifying for me. Glad it does both! :smiley:

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