Help! (Customization)

So I’ve been trying to make my strong readable for every devices on episode mobile and when I get to the customization part, some choice don’t appear in the screen? It kind of looks like this:

And I was wondering is there any ways to fix this?
Please help me :sob:

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You should reduce the size of speechbubble at this part. It will automatically change the size of the options

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I tried that but it doesn’t work, I also tried to move the speechbubble that was above the customization this:

But it still doesn’t work :sob: I really don’t know what to do. I even tried to zoom out but it didn’t work.

You can show how your script is, but I think it is wrong in the percentages that you put.


It’s a screenshot from my phone sorry if it’s not clear :sweat_smile:

In the zoom, remove “#” just so that it remains “&” and in your speechbubble put 160. Example:
&speechbubble is 160 248 to 49%

It still doesn’t work, it works for my device but when I press on all device the choice shift again and it difficult to customize. Is customization just not possible on all device? Because some of my choice do this as well they shift “off screen” the moment I switch to all device like this:

And this

It’s like no matter what I do nothing works they can’t stay in the middle :smiling_face_with_tear:

I don’t know how everything is in your script, but it could be that everything is wrong. But to encode I recommend you to use your computer or laptop since the phone is very difficult and there will be many errors.

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I’ll keep that in mind! I just found it weird how when I put all device on my computer the choices stay in the middle but not on my phone. Maybe they’re a problem with my phone? :sweat_smile:

As I say, check everything on your computer and there you will see the errors that you have, but if everything is well accommodated and it is wrong on your phone, then it is a problem in the app and you have to report it. But as I see in your script it is poorly accommodated.

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Are you using Dara-Amarie’s customization?

Yes I am!

Speechbubble commands only work with @, but you’re correct about the zoom command. :face_with_peeking_eye:

@MelaniaArgona I suggest a few things 1) share your story link with a friend so they can test it to see if it’s off-screen for them. 2) Test it with another device if you have one. 3) use the @speechbubble reset command and see if that changes anything at all. 4) If nothing works and it seems all hope is lost… submit a support ticket.


I hadn’t even noticed.:rofl:
But it also works. I’ve used it in tappables so that it only gets pressed once and with “@” it’s usually twice.

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Oh okay, lucky you then. It never worked for me. :joy:

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It’s a shame, I thought it all worked.:face_holding_back_tears:

The speechbubble command definitely works with &, it’s literally all I use with it.

@phoenix.brunet @Winteronepisode well tbh, last time I tried & was back in around 2018-19 because I was curious to see if it would work and it did not. I’ve only ever been using @ since then for speech bubbles so it could be an addition that’s been added in years since then?

Oh ok, it’s understandable that back then it wouldn’t work but now you can use it too and it does work.

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