Help deciding which cover!

Hello lovely people!

I’ve made 2 completely different covers for my story but now I’m at a loss which one to use :confused:

I love them both equally but I just cannot decide so I’d love to know which one you prefer and why!

It’s for a fantasy/romance story.

Thank you :smile:


I like the first cover better because it attracts you as a reader, I would totally read this story by just seeing the cover


Thank you! I wasn’t sure if the first one looked ‘fantasy’ enough if that makes sense.

I would pick the first one :grin:

Thank you :blush:

Is there a particular reason you chose the first one? Was it more appealing?

First one! It really captures your eye and makes you curious about the story :slight_smile:

Thank you! I really appreciate your opinion :blush:

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it does make sense trust me

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Omg, the first one! :heart_eyes:

Thanks :grin: I’ve chosen to use the first one!


Both are amazing but i would choose first one

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Thank you! I’m definitely going with the first one :grin:

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the second one is better

What makes you prefer 2nd one? I’m interested to know :blush:

I like the first, it’s softer and dreamer. And the second has some random palate colors that don’t really fit.


If you’re talking about the male characters eyes it’s because the color is of big importance to my story.

I’m in love with the first one. It’s very unique and you tell you put time into.

Thank you :blush: I chose the first one which also meant I had to make a large cover to match (from scratch!) :woman_facepalming:t3:

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It’s gonna look great though!

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I was thinking of it as I went across these two covers in the app, I would most likely choose the second one and pass on the first one. I feel like it is more glamorous and fancy than the first one.