HELP! Demi Lovato playable stories bug

So I made a story a couple of days ago in writers portal however when I go on the app it isn’t in the playable stories section. I’ve made a few other stories in there so it definitely should work. Ive used the Demi Lovato / purple text effect dose this have anything to do with it? As of so far I’ve coded an intro and a opening scene. I tried contacting episode via email and they’ve not been any help. Please can someone help me xx

Your best bet is to submit a request directly to Episode so the support team can further assist you with this.

This problem happened to me before where a new story I created didn’t show up in the app. What solved this issue was that I had to create at least 3-4 episodes for that story. (They don’t need to be completed episodes, I just added blank ones)

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Thank you soo much :hearts: