Help Directing A Story


Hi, I’m new to episode as far as creating my own story! I’ am working on one I’ am excited about and I could use some help even if its just tips or if you want to help me direct it! It’s called “The Valentine’s: Dangerous Love” if anyone is interested please respond and we’ll go from there! Thanks!



Hey! I’ll help. I’m also working on a story but i don’t have much idea for it. So in the meantime I can help you with your story


Ok, are you expireced in directing at all? Like knowing how to do the movements and whatnot?


Yes😂 I’m no professional but I know how to direct


Lol im not trying to offend you, see what im having trouble in is getting the characters to do what I want without all tge errors popping up…so if youre willing to help I’LL ACCEPT! I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning and we’ll start from there…now do you need any thing now?


How do you want us to work together? Like do we share an account or do I use your episode interact writer’s portal account?


Would it be easier to log into my account? Or do make a shared account?


It’s up to you! Tho it would be easier if u used your account so you can just publish it there without having to move it from the shared account back to your account. So using your account would be easier but it’s up to you!:slight_smile:


Omg delete it


Everyone’s gonna see it


You should just dm me on Instagram it’s ksh.episode


For some reason I dont see the delete option???


I message you on Instagram…not sure if you got it?