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So I’m trying to make my character punch someone and the 2nd character receives the punch but its late how do i make it good timing? the same thing with shooting someone and then the person faints but its late

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@CHARACTER1 starts animation AND CHARACTER2 starts animation

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I believe the way @Random.Tomboy stated it would work in the script as well, but I’m guessing that the way you have it is where both actions are using the @ symbol in the script.

When you want a command to happen simultaneously while other commands are happening, a great tool to use that is the & symbol instead of the use of the @ symbol all the time (Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, I can be quite confusing at times :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Here’s an example of what it could look like:
&CHARACTER1 is punch_fight_give_angry
@CHARACTER 2 is punch_fight_recieve_angry

Hope this helps! :yellow_heart:


I tried that but when I did the recieve was late

This is my punch scene and it works well - so you can just rename the characters on yours.:smiley:

&DAMIEN spot 0.942 62 153 AND DAMIEN is punch_fight_give_angry AND DAMIEN faces right AND DAMIEN moves to layer 1
@MITTCHELS spot 0.918 230 155 AND MITTCHELS is punch_fight_receive_angry AND MITTCHELS faces left AND MITTCHELS moves to layer 0
&DAMIEN is punch_fight_give_angry
@MITTCHELS is punch_fight_receive_angry
&DAMIEN is punch_fight_give_angry
@MITTCHELS is punch_fight_receive_angry
&DAMIEN is punch_fight_give_angry
@MITTCHELS is punch_fight_receive_angry
&DAMIEN is idle_fight_angry_loop
@MITTCHELS is faint

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thank you! is it the same with shooting ?

so after the character shoots character faints


Bacisly whenever you want one character to do something at the same time as some other character use

you can make multiple characters to act together at the same time

All characters with & will do the animation in the same time as the character with @ under them.

so basically:

&CHAR1 is animation1
&CHAR2 is animation2
&CHAR3 is animation3
@CHAR4 is animation4

All will do animation in same time


Its also used very often in dialogue.when character stops talking he either is still animated as talking (if you use loop animation) or he is frozen at the end of the talking animation - which both looks weird

so when the other starts talking make the first one make some idle animation


CHAR1 (talk_loop animation)
I am talking now
&CHAR1 is idle animation
CHAR2 (talk_animation)
And now I am talking

Okay thank you!

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he faints if you want him to. :smiley: the choice of animation is up to you

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