HELP! Does anyone know?

Does anyone know if you can have a remembered/nested choice in one?

For example: MC makes one choice to do something with one character but choose not to do something else with another choice how can I make the story choice matter?

I hope this makes sense I suck at nested choices :frowning:

You’re probably best off using gains/flags.

“First Choice” {
“Second Choice” {

Then if you want a part of the story to refer back to the choice, you use the if/elif/else system.

First outcome
Second outcome
else {
Outcome if neither flags are gained

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Oh ok so if I want a remembered choice in a nested choice just follow the second one? Ok so what if I already have a choice I want to remember in a new chapter?

Yes, you can use gains at any point in the story.

However, if you already have a published chapter without gains, and you want to refer to that choice in a new chapter, you won’t be able to because there is no way to remember a choice without gains or naming the choice.

You can use the if/elif/else system at any point in the story.

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But if I used the gains in this chapter and used the if/elif/else to remember an old choice would that work or I can’t use both at the same time? :thinking:

You can use them whenever, you just can’t have two gains with the same name. Otherwise it should work!

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Alright thanks!! I’m still getting used to the advanced choices :blush::sparkling_heart:

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