Help duplicating an overlay

Hey, I know it’s late, but I was wodering if some one could help me please. I’m trying to duplicate an overlay but it keeps giving me an error for one, no matter what I do.

Here’s the scene code.


@pause for a beat

@overlay BOY_FETTI22 create from BOY_FETTI2

@overlay BOY_FETTI23 create from BOY_FETTI2

@overlay GENDER_REVEAL11 create from GENDER_REVEAL1

@overlay GENDER_REVEAL20 create from GENDER_REVEAL1

[ INT. BABYSHOWER - DAY with BOY_FETTI2 to -70 313 2.849 with GENDER_REVEAL1 to -313 -3 4.326 with BOY_FETTI22 to -8 -3 2.849 with GENDER_REVEAL11 to -6 243 4.326 with BOY_FETTI23 to -58 -4 2.943 with GENDER_REVEAL20 to -289 242 4.326 ]

&ROBYN spot 1.000 147 122 in zone 2 AND ROBYN faces left AND ROBYN moves to layer 2 AND KELLY spot 1.004 252 131 in zone 2 AND KELLY faces right AND KELLY moves to layer 2 AND LUCAS spot 1.282 250 -3 in zone 1 AND LUCAS faces right AND JANELLE spot 1.280 54 16 in zone 3 AND JANELLE faces left

&ERIN spot 1.277 280 14 in zone 3 AND ERIN faces right AND ERIN moves to layer 0 AND MIA spot 1.282 133 12 in zone 3 AND MIA faces left AND MIA moves to layer 0 AND JACOB spot 1.106 26 74 in zone 1 AND JACOB faces right AND JACOB moves to layer 2 AND MIKE spot 1.225 100 16 in zone 1 AND MIKE faces right AND CHIEF RYAN spot 1.220 181 24 in zone 1 AND CHIEF RYAN faces right AND LILLY spot 1.281 206 6 in zone 3 AND LILLY faces left AND LILLY moves to layer 1
@transition fade in black

The part in brackets is what I need help with please, specifically the part in bold.

If someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

It’s because the overlay you’re trying to duplicate is named GENDER_REVEAL1, and the GENDER_REVEAL20 doesn’t start with 1 (like your other duplicate GENDER_REVEAL11 does), it starts with a 2.

So try to name it something beginning with a one.


It didn’t work :frowning_face:

Can I see a screenshot of your script?

Try putting all of the create overlays under the baby shower scene, not the INT. BLACK - NIGHT scene :thinking:

Nope, it didn’t work either. :frowning_face::thinking:

Hmph, I’m stumped. @Apes my darling, can you help please when you see this?

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change your all overlays to
GENDER_REVEAL1 to 4.326 -313 -3 (size first, coordinates second)

I don’t think create overlays in the scene before will work. You need to use create command and opacity for them to show up

@overlay BOY_FETTI22 create from BOY_FETTI2
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to 100 100 in zone # in 0
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0


delete them off the background you need to use all these commands what I posted above to create a duplicate overlay you can’t add it to the background.

Lol I have no clue what I’m doing wrong

did you try a different name?

Yeah. I tried changing the numbers and the name as a whole

PM me your script