Help editing a background

Is there any app or website I can use to make a background less realistic? I’ve got a cover that in my opinion is too real world and I’d just like to make it a little more episode friendly, I dont have money to commission it personally so I thought I’d try myself.


Do you mean edit it with a filter or literally add things on top of/draw over/or change things individually on the background to make it less realistic? :thinking:

With a filter, I think if I tried to change things individually I’d be in over my head :sweat_smile: so for now I don’t mind it being a filter if its going to make it a little easier on myself lol.

I see. I think a few filters in PicsArt might make it less realistic? :thinking::relaxed:


I think this might actually work for me lol, thank you so much! Idk why I didn’t think to use that app, its on my phone already for this exact reason :sweat_smile:

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No worries! I hope it actually does work out for you. :heart:

It did! thank you so much!!

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