Help, episode won’t let me log back onto my account

I need help, my friends and I are writing a story together, so we decided to make an separate account for the both of us. I logged out of my account and logged into the the shared account. When I was done I went to log out and log into my account and it won’t let me. I don’t know what to do to get my account back. If you do can you respond please.
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Perhaps file a support ticket:

Can contact support team:

Instructions on how to do so here:

And here:

I hope everything works out! :heart:

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I am sorry to hear that this happened. This is the risk of sharing accounts with other people, the app will sometimes not work correctly. Please refer to the support ticket link provided by @JemU776 above and submit a ticket so our support team can help you with this.

Also, please don’t tag the staff in topics such as this. Feel free to PM me with any forum related questions you might have and I’ll be more than happy to help :slight_smile: Thanks! :peace_symbol:

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