Help error,ugh 10

@JACK walks to spot 1.175 54 5
@JACK moves to layer 0
&JACK faces right


&JACK moves to layer 0
@JACK walks to spot 1.175 54 5 AND JACK faces right

Hello! Still anyone here? If so i have an error! This is limelight!

I have it like this (Don’t mind the text):

Other dialouge is here
going to an label
end of first choice

    YOU (talk_sit_coy)
Wow this is a cool job!

    YOU (talk_sit_crossarms_neutral)
Oh here are questions.

    YOU (talk_sit_shrug_neutral)
I will answer them.

I tried to fix the error that was on the “Pub” Then got unexpected character YOU and then got talk_sit_Coy was wrong?!