HELP! Error: Unexpected block end

Can someone help me? I’m trying to do a choice and inside the choice you enter a minigame but it keeps showing this error.

choice “Find the key and surprise him.” {
@zoom on 209 28 to 170% in 1
Tap on either the welcome mat or the plant to find the key.
label WOP
@overlay 4576914861522944_WELCOMEMAT shifts to -53 12 in zone 1 in 2
@pause for .5
&overlay 4576914861522944_WELCOMEMAT shifts to 52 12
It’s not there! Try again.

goto WOP

} “PLANT” {
label end
@overlay 4576914861522944_PLANT shifts to 213 79 in zone 1 in 2
There it is!
&zoom on 150 206 to 131% in 2

} “Knock on the door” { (this is where the error is)
I just put "Okay" at the end because it was just empty

Thank you in advance!

If you want “Knock on the door” to be a separate choice that’s not a tappable overlay, you’ll need dialogue and then “choice” before your branch:

“Knock on the door.”{
#The rest of the branch here.

I tried that but it still won’t work :sob: I wanted this to be the “main” choice

choice “Find the key and surprise him.” {
(Tappable overlays and dialogue here)
} “Knock on the door” {
(put dialogue here)

but it still says I have an error

Ahh, okay, I understand what you want now. I thought you wanted readers to find the key first and then knock (and I was guessing use the key if there was no answer).

I’m actually not sure, maybe try placing the word “choice” on a separate line above the choice name.

“Find the key and surprise him.”{

And putting these together:
}}”Knock on the door.”{


I don’t think you need that label?
I’m sorry, I don’t know why your code isn’t working but those are the only suggestions I can think of. :skull:

Omg thank you so much! It worked.

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Oh? Hooray! :laughing:

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