HELP! Fantasy School Name Ideas

hi friends! i want to try writing this fantasy story with 2 schools- a good one and a bad one. for a little context, in an alternate universe, years ago the world was divided into good and bad and there’s all this magic and stuff. the schools are basically copies of each other, but one has more of a dark academia aesthetic and the other has a light academia aesthetic. There is one world, with the good school, that has a very light, happy, positive vibe while the bad has a very dark, muted, wild type of vibe.

i really want to have creative and original names for the schools, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: if you have any questions/want more details, i can totally elaborate!
[ also if this flops and nobody responds, pretend you didn’t see this hehe]

thanks in advance, grace

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My ideas

Good school:

  • Mystics Academy: School of Magics
  • The Good Witches/Wizards School
  • School of Light
  • Shine Academy

Dark school

  • School of the Dark Arts/Powers
  • Sins Academy/High
  • Black Hearts Academy
  • Black Arts Academy

omg thank you so much for your suggestions!! i love them all :pleading_face:

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Thank you so much. Happy to help :blush:

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